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Solar – A Smart Business Investment Australia Can Rely On

Transform your energy use and contribute to a sustainable future with reliable, eco-friendly power. Lower your electricity bills and save money every year with a solar panel system. Discover the financial benefits and see how solar pays for itself. 

Whether you’re managing a small café or a large corporation, investing in solar energy is a highly beneficial business decision. Businesses operating primarily from 9-5 are particularly well-suited for solar installations. With Devam Solar's commercial solar panel systems, we ensure your business becomes cashflow positive from day one.

Opting for a commercial solar system in Australia with Devam Solar offers significant environmental advantages. Traditional electricity production is a major source of air pollution and relies on finite resources. In contrast, solar energy is renewable, ensuring that our impact on future generations is minimized. Moreover, consumers are increasingly inclined to support businesses that are actively reducing their carbon footprint, enhancing your company's reputation.

The cost barrier for solar energy has significantly diminished over the past decade, with solar panel prices dropping by 80%. Government solar rebates can now reduce upfront costs for businesses by 30-40%. Additionally, we offer flexible, low-cost solar financing options, both on and off-balance sheet, to meet your specific business needs.

In every aspect, solar energy is a wise choice for your business, providing environmental, financial, and reputational benefits that make it a smart investment Australia can rely on.

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Determining the Right Solar System Size for Your Business

Commercial solar systems also provide long-term financial benefits for Australian businesses by reducing regular energy bills. The extent of these savings depends on the size of the installed solar panels – the larger the system, the more you can rely on solar power, reducing dependence on other energy sources. Additionally, commercial solar systems from DevaM Solar require minimal maintenance since there are no moving parts, keeping maintenance costs low and ensuring a reliable and efficient energy solution for your business.

To determine the appropriate size for a business solar power system, we start by examining actual electricity consumption data. While a recent electricity bill provides a rough estimate, using the 30-minute interval data from your network distributor is much more precise. This data reveals exactly how much electricity is used each hour throughout the day and how usage patterns change over the year.

This method ensures the most accurate sizing for a commercial solar panel system, tailored specifically to your business's energy needs.

commercial Projects
commercial Projects

Solar Sizing Guidelines

Here’s a quick reference to determine the appropriate solar power system size for businesses based on average daily electricity consumption.

Calculating the Right Size Solar System for Your Business

Average Daily Electricity Usage (kWh)
Recommended Solar System Size
40 – 140 kWh
10 – 40 kW
140 – 360 kWh
40 – 100 kW
360 kWh or more
100 kW +

Use this guide to select the right solar system size and maximize efficiency for your business with DevaM Solar.